1How does it work?
The slopes are sometimes referred to as an “Infinity slope” which works very much like a large treadmill moving a surface made of a synthetic turf-like material. The speed and working angle of the slope can be varied according to the customer’s ability. Additionally there is a support bar to assist as you build your confidence and a large mirror for you to watch yourself and perfect your technique.
2Who is it for?
Whether you are completely new to snowsports, or a seasoned carver or shredder, if you’re preparing for a holiday of a lifetime or simply looking for one of the best workouts available, look no further than First Traxx.
3How much does it cost?
Kindly refer to our price list for information on classes and package deals.
4What is included in the price of a session?
A session includes an instructor to guide you and monitor your progress and also to bring the slope to a gentle stop should you begin to lose your balance. Additionally all equipment including boots, ski or snowboard and helmets are included. You just need to bring along a pair of long socks or purchase one at the centre.
5How long are the lessons?
Normal sessions are an hour long. Customers in the same session are divided into two groups with others of a similar ability level. Each group will have about 30 minutes of slope time divided into three 10 minute blocks with rest sessions in between for recovery.
6Is this a good way to get started in Ski and Snowboarding?
Absolutely! Our slopes provide a consistent environment for learning without having to contend with weather, cold, long ski lift lines and other variables. The instructors and mirror at the end of the slope allows you to get immediate feedback on improving your technique.
7How close is it to the real thing?
If you have honed your abilities on our slopes, you will be even more capable on the snow. The techniques learned on the surface of our slopes translate directly to those you will use on the snow. However the unforgiving nature of the artificial surface will require you to perfect your technique to a higher level of precision than you would require on snow. All in the comfort of our climate controlled facility.
8Can I book a session at any time?
Sessions are separated into those for skiers and snowboarders. Furthermore they are further divided into classes for customers of similar abilities. So if you are a beginner you will never be put into a class with advanced students. This will however mean that some sessions will not be available at times depending on your ability level.
9Can I use the slope without an instructor?
No, for your own safety and maximum enjoyment, an instructor will always be by your side during the session.
10How many sessions would I need?
This of course differs between individuals however to assist you with tracking your progress, purchasing a package entitles you to our level progression booklet which will be signed by your instructor every time you reach a new level. This is a great way to keep track of your progress and to show you all the skills required to get up to the next level.
11Does it hurt to fall?
The slope is controlled by your instructor at all times by a wireless remote control that allows them to bring the rolling surface to a gentle stop, most of the time even before you fall.
12How old do I need to be?
We cater for children as young as 5 years old for ski and 7 years old for snowboard. We have equipment tailored especially for our youngest guests including kid helmets and pads.
13What do I wear?
Something comfortable that does not restrict your movement. Sports attire such as track bottoms or leggings are suitable, though some customers just turn up in Jeans or shorts and a T-shirt! The slopes are lightly misted with filtered water to help in lubrication so you may experience slight dampness on your clothes. We insist that you wear a pair of long socks as these will give you the most comfort while wearing the boots. We have changing areas, lockers and showers on site for your convenience.
14Can I bring my own gear?
If you have your own boots and safety gear such as helmets and pads you are welcome to bring and use them. We do ask that you use our skis and snowboards as they have been specially tuned for use on our slopes.
15Can I come have a look?
Sure! You are welcome to come and watch while enjoying a coffee or meal from our café seating areas or from our air-conditioned elevated viewing gallery
16Is it good for kids?
Our slopes provide a familiar and controlled environment for children to learn without the distraction of inclement weather or cold and other factors. They will be allowed to learn at a much quicker pace compared to sessions on the snow and will be much better prepared for the next trip to the mountain.
17Can I book the slopes for parties?
Parties and special events at our slopes are a totally unique and unforgettable experience for your guests. We have activities for all ages and separate private party areas. Please refer to our price list, drop us a line at 03-7932 3303 or send an enquiry to info@firsttraxx.com for more details.
18Can I just walk in and have a session?
All sessions must be pre-booked and prepaid in advance. You will receive an email from us once your session is confirmed.
19How early do I have to arrive before my session?
Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your allocated time to allow us to fit you with the right equipment for your session.
20What is the cancellation and no-show policy?
Please give us at least 24 hours’ notice before your session if you wish to cancel. We do not provide refunds but will apply your payment to your next session. We reserve the right to forfeit your payment for a session if you do not arrive 15 minutes before your allocated time.
21Is it a substitute for skiing and snowboarding on snow?
No. But it will definitely prepare you better in terms of technique and fitness for fuller enjoyment when you do hit the mountain!
22Do you offer gift vouchers?
There is no better gift for a friend or loved one wanting to try or improve on skiing/snowboarding. Please enquire at the First Traxx counter or email info@firsttraxx.com to find out more.
23What is Peak Pricing?
Peak pricing is the pricing structure for our period that in highest demand which is October to March. Prices are approximately 25% more than non-peak times. However, packages purchased during Off-peak times can be utilised in booking peak times.